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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Shooter_Vert; loc=Japan]
Those intrepid Time Bokan villains and their troupe of robotic dancing pigs return for another round of time-tripping, non-tate vertical shooting (or driving, rather) adventures against those pesky young super heroes! Plays much like Doronbo with enhancements, such as two-player simultaneous (don't remember Doronbo having this, but haven't gone back to check), unlimited bombs, charge bombs, roll buttons, and a super-expando mode where your car turns in to a huge robotic thingy and you just crush everything in your way for a limited amount of time.
Each of the long stages features three or more evolving boss battles and, as before, these are all hilarious. The bouncing and rotating sprite effects are put to even more spectacular use this time around with fantastic results, yet also a few instances of slowdown here and there in boss battles (and probably lots of places in two-player, but that's just a guess). Amusing anime sequences start and end each level. There's Normal and "Special" mode, as far as I can tell Special is pretty much Normal with increased difficulty and no super-expando ability.
Utterly brilliant and completely hilarious, a must-have shooter if you can condescend to play one that laughs at itself.
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