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  opened by paleface at 21:18:34 08/31/03  
  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Shooter_Horiz; loc=NA]
Pretty nice port of the old horizontal shooters R-Type I and II. Slowdown a-plenty, especially in II, but forgivable with the amount and size of the sprites onscreen.
Durn hard games but more appealing to me than the Gradius series, perhaps because of the intelligent and flexible little gunpod attachment, and because you don't have to worry about purchasing powerups. The enemies seem quite a bit more varied and elaborate, and the stages both more realistic and imaginative.
Again, these games are incredibly difficult, at least until you find a good pattern and can execute it flawlessly, but you get unlimited continues so you'll win through eventually if you keep at it. Maybe. Very frustrating to me because I suck at patterning, yet for some reason I keep playing.
· Koutetsu Teikoku: Steel Empire (GBA)

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