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Seek and Destroy
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  "Seek and Destroy is the sequel to Combat Choro Q."
Stealth budget localization of Japan's "Shin Combat Choro Q." Instead of cute little super-deformed talking cars as in most Choro games, here you've got cute talking SD tanks that blow the snot out of each other. Woo!
Gameplay is in a campaign where you drive around a country map to battlefields of your choosing. In towns you can spend money earned in battle (I guess you're a mercenary ;) to upgrade your tank. Tanks you defeat in battle get added to your garage--gotta catch 'em all! You can also do little 1 on 1 arena combats in towns to earn additional moolah. The AI on its own ain't so bright but participating in a battle with a dozen tanks on either side, shells and explosions everywhere, is pretty darn fun.
In the great Choro tradition graphics are sub-par, but not as bad as other games in the series, so I guess that's a plus. Control is a breeze (once you switch to Camera #2... man, I dunno what they were thinking with camera 1) although it's never easy to drive one way while rotating and shooting your turret the other way... which is why I kind of like the fixed-forward tank destroyers. =D
Menus are smooth except for one silly thing: if you go into a Shop you can go from there, within the shop menu, to the Garage that is always right next door. However, it's not quite the same menu as if you drove directly into the Garage: it's missing the Save option. And the game never auto-saves for you. Grrr.
Other than that this game is great and oddly light-hearted destructive fun, and I haven't even touched on the dozens of mini-games.
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