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Sonic Pinball Party
  opened by paleface at 22:07:24 08/31/03  
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  paleface [sys=GBA; cat=Pinball; loc=NA]
I wish Sega wouldn't spend so much time trying to bank on fan nostalgia--there just isn't a whole lot going on on these tables, really, aside from low-quality versions of the old games music, and the Samba de Amigo table is particularly disappointing as it consists of something like two ramps and two bumpers. The Sonic and Nights tables are larger but didn't do anything particularly noteworthy as far as I saw, aside from the Sonic table going through a couple slight stages changes.
Ball physics are pretty good, much better than Pinball of the Dead, but the ball could be a bit faster and the tables could stand to be much more challenging. More of a nostalgia-fest than an interesting pinball game.
From what I hear, shooting through the limited table elements eventually opens up a slightly different boss fight version of the table, but they really should have made the meat of the game more interesting in itself.
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