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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Adventure; loc=JPN]
It seems like Yukes' games always have parts that I like and parts that I don't. I think I'd like this 3D action-RPG, more of a beat-em-up really with swords and funky magical powers where you run around with a selection of characters putting the hurt on various weird looking monsters, then breaking their precious red crystals and collecting other little round crystals that you can use to raise your attributes, if it didn't suffer from some of the stiffiest controls that have ever stiffed me. When you learn to cringe at the prospect of having to turn left or right, you come to have little urge to continue--unless of course you could keep going straight ahead without having to turn at all, but unfortunately the levels have roads and buildings and corners and things which prevent that.
Graphically things look pretty good, aside from the aforementioned dopey monster designs, and the apocalyptic, cabalistic story seems interesting, and maybe it takes more hours than I've put in to get used to the controls, or maybe they open up later on and you can happily jump backwards or turn easily while running or do those other things you would really like to be able to do when battling mobile monsters in a 3D environment. I have a feeling though that I'm not going to be able to make myself stick with it long enough to find out.
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