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  opened by paleface at 22:10:58 08/31/03  
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Shooter_Vert; loc=JPN]
Another not-so-great wide-screen (non-tate) vertical shooter from the team that brought you AirGrave. Stahlfeder came first, I think, as it's rather simpler with just bomb and two shot attacks, one that shoots a steady laser straight ahead and another that shoots wider angled shots.
You can just hold down the laser fire button and sweep back and forth across the screen, though unlike DonPachi the laser looks feeble and makes a really annoying sound. Enemies don't do anything particularly exciting and really the whole game is just pretty flat.
Oh, like AirGrave you don't exactly die when hit, you just lose a chunk of your life meter, and you've only got one meter per credit. Seems a flat, pointless variation on just having distinct, multiple lives per credit, and kind of sets the sub-par tone for the game as a whole.
· AirGrave (PS1)

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