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Suikoden III
  opened by paleface at 02:22:18 09/01/03  
  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Role_Playing; loc=NA]
I'm still at the beginning and so far I like the strategic combat with its efficient interface and that so-handy auto-battle feature for those petty little random encounters that you now no longer have to click through yourself. Riding horses is cool too, and the cutesy, sorta blocky super-deformed graphics can be soothing at times.
I'm not sold on the "see the story from three different angles" thing yet, but maybe I just need to try it out. I also don't understand the whole anthropomorphic duck thing. Lack of spoken dialogue was jarring at first but also something you get used to.
What I don't like so far is the sluggish feeling of normal navigation and conversation: your character has to take a half-second to speed up and slow down every time they move somewhere, and conversation windows seem to chug open slowly, even when set to the fastest text speed. The whole game seems to run at a rather low framerate, actually, which is odd considering the blocky characters.
But the story and dialogue benefit from good writing and I'm already finding myself interested in where things are going.

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