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Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2
  opened by paleface at 02:26:01 09/01/03  
  paleface [sys=GBA; cat=Platformer; loc=NA]
Being a NES owner, I was curious about the new system when the SNES came out. Here was the flagship game, Super Mario World, and... it left me flat, back then. I never really played it, and never really got into the SNES. So here it is again, now with annoying character voices and the tacked-on Mario Bros. side game. And I've actually tried putting a bit of time into it after all these years and... man, it just doesn't have the magic that Super Mario did for me. Too many darned buttons, needlessly complicated gameplay devices, lots of slowdown, scattered graphics, chintzy sound... I just don't get it.
As a comparison I tried some Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (GBC) after this and the difference is shocking, SMB is just so much more powerful. I think they just tried to do too much here. Luigi with his hopelessly floaty control, Yoshi with his apple munching, gooney looking football linebackers rushing you, stars and coins, and dragon coins and an extra item to collect and carry around--bleh. Why couldn't they have ported Super Mario Bros. 3? Now there was a brilliant game packed with fun stuff. Ah well.
Update: note to self: SMB3 is being ported as Super Mario Advance 4.

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