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TimeSplitters 2
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Shooter_3D; loc=NA]
I've played PC first-person-shooters almost religiously for the past, oh, lots of years. Keyboard and mouse, by gum, that's the only thing for me! I'd say. Well you know, this game will force me to broaden my outlook. Control via the gamepad is effortlessly smooth, helped in great measure by the fleet running speed and the decision to take out the traditional Jump button.
The graphics are quite beautiful without slowdown even in multiplayer quadruple-split-screen mode and boast pretty impressive anti-aliasing for a PS2 title.
Single-player seems solid as you trip through a succession of time eras, but also lacking a bit of excitement, perhaps, in the rather traditional find-key-push-button style of mission. Multiplayer, on the other hand, is second to none, with a stunning amount of selectable characters, bots and weapons blasting it out in a wide variety of attractive locations.
Aside from the butter-smooth control the variety is the best thing here, with (I'm told--you have to unlock stuff) over 100 playable multiplayer characters, dozens of weapons from different stages of human history (and future) and a vast amount of different gameplay types. You can stick four players on one machine and, apparently, hook up four PS2s for a 16-player match. If you don't have that many people handy the bots fill in nicely.
You can save custom configurations; for instance, I of course set up "Old West" weapon and bot configurations for deathmatch, so I can almost instantly dial up a High-Noon style deathmatch complete with Spaghetti Western tunes, shotguns, dual pistols and flaming monkeys. But you could likewise do a futuristic config, a 20's gangster config, a modern warfare config, and so on. Or mix them up in an almost endless variety of ways.
There's also a "challenge" type of mode where you must battle your way through pre-configured bot deathmatch challenges, many with special rules. If you score well you unlock even more characters, weapons, stages, and play modes.
The amount of cool stuff in this game is darn-near mindboggling.
· TimeSplitters: Future Perfect (PS2)

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