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Tiny Tank
  opened by paleface at 02:32:19 09/01/03  
  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Shooter_3D; loc=NA]
Suckered me in because it was a shooting game and looked cute. Tiny, the titular tank, bounces around a lot over the detailed terrain and everything looks quite nice--too nice, as it turns out, forcing a really short draw distance and even then suffering a good deal of slowdown in battles. I could live with that if only it played well but the level layouts seem purposefully confusing, the AI are dumb as posts (well okay, they stand like posts but they can shoot back, so I guess they're a little smarter than posts), and the game sends you through not-fun torture chambers like minefields and narrow chutes with boulders bouncing down them where the rough edges of the physics prevent you from dodging effectively.
Ugh. At least it was cheap. On the plus side the cinematics and voice acting are top-notch.

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