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Advance Wars 2
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  paleface [sys=GBA; cat=Strategy; loc=North_America]
You don't see that many good pick-up-and-play style strategy games but Intelligent Systems has done it here with amazingly cute yet strongly captured artwork, great music and sound, and most of all a streamlined command interface and a battle system with simple elements which, when combined, form a complex and satisfyingly deep whole. And come on, how can you not like little super-deformed soldiers blowing the heck out of each other at your command? I can't recall another turn-based military strategy game that I've liked as much as this--the closest would be Stratego, I suppose.
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  "Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2 are pretty darn similar."
Whoops! I duplicated my AW entry. Well, I'll make this one for the sequel, Advance Wars 2. =P
AW2 at first sight is pretty darn similar to AW1. I here there's a new uber tank unit involved, but otherwise gameplay is similar. That's all just hearsay at this point though since I haven't really looked at it for more than five minutes yet. Isn't that great? But if it doesn't have at least sixty hours of incredible strategy fun in it, I'll be shocked.
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