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  opened by paleface at 03:16:28 09/01/03  
  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Beat_em_up; loc=JPN]
Fun 3D beat-em-up where for most of the time you run along a 2D plane, beating on robots with weak/strong punch/kick attacks. Simple and fun, who wouldn't love this? Plus it's morally right to beat up on evil robots. The camera gets annoying once in a while as, in a nice example of overdesign, they couldn't just have left the camera perpendicular to you but have to make it pan and zoom dramatically at certain spots which doesn't help at all.
You can also Guard (who wants to do that?) and flip over to another parallel plane--this comes in handy when you're surrounded by robots and need to get some fighting room. Turning around is a bit cludgey, and you'll even sometimes jump-kick backwards if you try to escape the situation through the air.
Each stage seems to have one or two "boss" battles against a single foe, in these you no longer switch between just two movement planes but actually flip side-to-side around the opponent, which is kind of neat. Even the level two bosses are real bastards, however--you can go through the whole stage with barely a scratch, then lose all your multiple-stacked health meter against the darn boss. Unfortunate because when you continue (and I think continues are limited in number) you have to start way back at the very beginning of the stage, which could mean that you have to fight the mid-boss and his flunkies again just to get back to the boss you were at when you died! Not amusing at all.
There's no saving or anything like that so... enjoy. I suppose that the game would probably be pretty short if you were to go straight through, which is apparently a breeze if you use the code to access the character select menu and pick, say, the boss. I can't seem to input the code right so oh well, I'll just have to get some skills but grrr it's hard to have the patience for fighting back through the whole stage again.
Oh you know come to think of it the baddies probably aren't all robots but they look that way because they're so low-poly and well silly looking, which pretty much goes for the graphics as a whole. But the "robots" recoil nicely when you sock them and that's what really matters.

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