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  opened by paleface at 15:15:33 08/17/03  
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Puzzle; loc=Japan]
Thrown in for free with a bunch of other games I ordered. A competitive column puzzler in the vein of Puzzle Fighter and all the other hundreds of similar Japanese games where things drop down from the top into stacks for two players, one on each side, and you have to do something clever with them. In this game the dropping things are numbered balls and I guess you have to group them by number. You manage this by moving your cute little flying spritey character around your half of the screen, nudging your balls by shooting at them in four directions. Every once in a while you do well and get a "Super" token, letting you unleash your character's signature move which could be a lightning field that atomizes balls you touch, a massive laser blast that disintegrates several columns of balls on your side, or something cute with hearts that my female demon character did which was apparently completely useless.
Haven't quite figured this one out yet. There characters are cute and the pre-rendered scrolling stage backgrounds (so it feels something like a vshmup) aren't bad, but it's hard to get excited about yet another quirky vs puzzler.

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