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Armored Warriors
  opened by paleface at 03:43:35 10/16/03  
  paleface [sys=PCB; cat=Beat_em_up; loc=NA]
A relatively little-known entry from the days where Capcom cranked out beat-em-ups like there was no tomorrow.
I was startled and amazed by the huge amount of sprite activity on the screen the first time I saw it, with hulking, heavily animated robots laying into each other with gusto almost non-stop. But it's almost too much--it's downright hard to see what's going on most of the time, and it doesn't help that the color palette is oddly washed-out.
The controls didn't really click for me either: punch, jump kick and shot are your three buttons, but none seemed particularly satisfying. Punch you can just tap mindlessly, jump kick is never really called for particularly, and shot looks like you're spraying someone with a limp BB gun.
The exception to this, and what makes the game somewhat enjoyable, are the upgrades you can rip off enemies--take off that guy's drill arm, mount it in your own arm socket, and you've got a whole new ballgame.
But even with rocket packs, beam guns and other attachments, it didn't really hold me. The robots lack character and it's just hard to focus. Unexpected, but even so almost disappointing.

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