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  paleface [sys=PCB; cat=Shooter_Vert; loc=JPN]
Nice-looking spritey vertical shooter, though after a few plays the only thing that stood out aside from the three characters, each with distinct shot type, is that bee-imagery appears several times, most notably on the level-end screen, supporting the story that after this game many of Toaplan's designers went off to form Cave, who would bring out the bee-oriented Don Pachi games.
Lasers can be charged up to fire off impressively large beams, again somewhat reminiscent of Don Pachi but nowhere near as bold. You've also got bosses with overlapping shot patterns of the kind that Don Pachi bosses like to throw out. The bomb bursts right around your ship with fairly small radius, so pretty much defensively oriented.
  paleface 03:42:58 05/09/06
A good case can be made for this game having inspired Cave's famous Don Pachi series, as it's somewhat manic, with big huge boss sprites, the bee thing, and plus it came out before Don Pachi.
It's a good solid game, too, and holds up well on multiple replays. The weapons when powered up are very satisfying, covering the screen in electric death, and the large bosses have multiple patterns and forms, yet you rarely feel like the game has cheated you; it's just tough.
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