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  opened by paleface at 18:13:03 12/17/03  
  paleface [sys=PCB; cat=Puzzle; loc=NA]
Bootleg of Ms. Pac-Man. The cab I saw it in (at The Hurricane diner in Seattle) was generic, with cheaply-printed low-resolution Ms. Pac-Man fliers stuck on the font. The machine actually had two games on it, selectable in a cheesy menu with the logo "Micro Game Machine" or something like that. The other game was Galaga.
Pac-Gal doesn't have a title screen, but when Ms. Pac-Man comes in in the little running demo, after the ghosts have appeared and been named, her name is listed as "Pac-Gal."
In this particular variant, Pac-Gal shoots along at nearly uncontrollable speeds--it might have been controllable, though tricky, except that the cab's stick was incredibly stiff. She can easily outrun the ghosts but the real trick is preventing yourself from accidentally barging in to one of them. The dots are little hearts. Those seemed to be the only changes.
But dang, it's getting hard to find a real Ms. Pac-Man cab in this city. These silly bootlegs just aren't as well balanced.

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