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Demon Front
  opened by paleface at 03:40:26 02/03/04  
  paleface [sys=PCB; cat=Platformer; loc=JPN]
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  "Demon Front, an impressive Metal Slug rip-off."
From a Taiwanese company, I think, comes one super-duper Metal Slug rip-off. Pretty much exactly like Metal Slug except no prisoners to rescue and an energy shield toggle instead of grenades. I think I'd rather have grenades than a time-limited energy shield but not having to worry about prisoners keeps you running and gunning right along. Besides which they stick in plenty of little hidden rooms and loot to make up for it.
The graphic style isn't quite as -ish as Metal Slug but the movement speed is faster, so you don't notice as much as you might because there's just so much motion everywhere. Each of the four or was it five characters has a little floating creature/robot/thing sidekick that can fire a charge attack and helps you hover when Jump is held down. I'm not sure how handy either of those are, with everything being so frenetic, but of course I haven't played enough to be any good yet.
The enemies aren't perhaps as memorable as Metal Slug, well okay maybe the twin-six-shooter grandma is a good one, but they come on strong and in great numbers. The boss sprites aren't as big but there's a lot less slowdown--and several are obviously directly inspired by the first boss in Metal Slug 3 (entry 170). If this were a bad game, that would be an insult, but this is a good game. A very good game.
· Metal Slug 3 (PS2)

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