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Mario Golf
  opened by paleface at 03:56:27 02/03/04  
  paleface [sys=N64; cat=Sports; loc=NA]
It's too bad that the N64 really was pretty bad at 3D. I've only played this three-player multiplayer, mini-golf mode, which is a nice idea (and why isn't it in the GC Mario Golf?) but crippled by horrible framerate, laborious 3D and about the most unimaginative course design ever.
No really it is. Each of the first nine or ten holes is a number--the same number as that hole, in fact! Wow! So hole one is shaped like a big number 1. Hole 2 is a giant... that's right, number 2! And you'll never guess what hole 3 is! After they run out of digits, they go on to the alphabet, starting with A. Not even any little mechanical obstacles or anything on the courses, the closest thing they have are the occasional water hazard (inside the eye of a "9" for instance) or a little jump over part of the course.
As in Mario Golf on GC, when it isn't your turn you can press buttons on your controller to amaze and amuse your friends with little voice clips of your character offering their encouragement. This is, of course, very annoying, which I guess is supposed to be the point. On the plus side, in this version if you jam on the controls fast enough you can make it sound sort of like the characters are scratching or beat boxing or something. Get down, Princess Peach.

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