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Super Real Mahjong Premium Collection
  opened by paleface at 23:30:08 02/16/04  
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  paleface [sys=NGPC; cat=Puzzle; loc=JPN]
Playing mahjong against the computer is not, perhaps, the most thrilling experience in human existence. Japanese game developers discovered this long ago. Then they found that tarting it up with cute sprites and digitized voices picked things up a bit. But still, it wasn't enough. What, oh what was a poor mahjong developer to do? What could keep young men glued to the screen, taking and discarding a monotonous parade of little white tiles each turn? What power could overcome common sense to such an extent as to make a man pay money for this experience?
Sex, of course. The Super Real series goes back a ways on other consoles, apparently, and now those nice but oh-so-naughty mahjong-playing young "ladies" are in your pocket, and the tiles are hot.
I picked this up because... well, because it seemed likely to be the very last NGPC game at the time, and I was somewhat curious about mahjong, and... okay, the fact that there might be some cheesecake in it wasn't exactly a detriment, I suppose.
It takes a while to figure out if you're a mahjong n00b like I was. You'll need to find English instructions somewhere and read 'em good. Remember that this is Chinese-rules mahjong, or something like that, with highly complicated rules and scoring (and something nuts about not being able to win with a tile that is vaguely related to one you discarded--that one still drives me nuts). Turns out that it can be sort of fun even against the computer and there's a pleasant sort of logic in forming a winning hand.
Fun enough for a while and here of course if you persevere eventually you find that particular girl who is so impressed with your mahjong skills that she can't keep certain articles of clothing on, or at least they slip off a bit for a split second. Poor thing. There's of course some story as you go between backdrops and make choices and chat with different girls, but maybe it's just as well that I can't read any of it.
One helpful option will alert you if you're about to win, so try to find that. Another less helpful one will reset your progress, so try to avoid that (I seem to hit that every time I get anywhere close to having seen... err, defeated all the opponents).
I have to confess that while I played this fairly steadily for a while, it has since lost most of its charm. Mahjong against the computer inevitably gets repetitive and loses most of its luster. Not a bad way to get into some of the basics, but probably not worth nearly what you'd have to pay to secure a copy these days.

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