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Captain Commando
  opened by paleface at 17:39:36 08/17/03  
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Beat_em_up; loc=Japan]
Beautiful port of one of Capcom's earlier beat-em-ups. If you went into an arcade at all in the 90's it's almost certain that you stumbled into one of Capcom's innumerable quality side-scrolling fighters such as Final Fight, Punisher and Nick Fury, Aliens vs Predator, X-Men, etc. I never saw Captain Commando in an arcade but it plays just like those other classics of yore, with gorgeous hand-drawn graphics, colorful stages and lots of slicing action. You'll probably even recognize some rather familiar sprites as many of the faces and weapons here have seen modified life in other Capcom efforts.
Although like most beaters the game itself may be rather short, it's tough and will certainly keep you busy for a very long time if you decide to one-credit it or something. In a unique touch, this game supports multitap for three people--one controller in port one, then a tap in port two with two controllers hooked in to it.
Cap'n Com doesn't stray too far from the old formula, and the sounds aren't the greatest, but it serves up heaping helpings of the ol' whup ass like nobody's business.
  paleface 02:35:17 02/09/17
This game runs, I think, at an unusual screen resolution; it cannot be captured at all by my Elgato Game Capture HD, which can capture other PS1 games, and when running through that device's custom D-Terminal video cable, the pass-through picture has scrambled pixels down a narrow column on the right-hand side.
  paleface 04:21:18 02/09/17
Ah, nevermind, just a problem with my Elgato set-up (doesn't work for PS1 games over the D-Terminal cable).
  paleface 14:43:04 05/04/19
Graphically this PS1 version is pretty darn accurate to the arcade version, considering the difference in resolution between the PS1 and the Capcom arcade hardware. There is a fairly constant medium amount of slowdown, compared with the PS4 version in Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle.
On the plus side, you can switch the PS1 version to an "Original" BGM soundtrack setting, and play the game with an entirely new, much peppier and funkier soundtrack!
  paleface 20:48:40 10/23/22
Japanese or other names for the non-title characters:
Mummy: Mack the Knife, Jennety
Ninja: Ginzu the Ninja, Sho
Baby: Baby Head, Fuba, Hoover
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· Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle (PS4)
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