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Gals Fighters
  opened by paleface at 03:46:14 02/17/04  
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  paleface [sys=NGPC; cat=Fighting; loc=NA]
You'll see a good deal of confusion about the name of this game. Most people seem to want to stick an apostrophe in there somewhere. Then there are those who want to stick "SNK" on the front (although ironically this is the only fighting game on the system not made by SNK themselves). I'll just settle for "Gals Fighters"--nice and short and simple, much like the game itself.
If you haven't guessed by now, this fighting game features only female fighters, most of 'em from previous games on the system. But here they have new and wacky moves and a deep-seated desire to win the prize in the "Queen of Fighters" tournament all for themselves. So watch out!
There aren't a whole many fighting games that don't take themselves a wee bit too seriously, and there are even fewer that are able to laugh at themselves that are actually good. Luckily, Yumekobo have been able to make such a game on our dear little NGPC. Sure the game could have had more characters, and some of the backgrounds could be a bit nicer looking, but the pure sense of fun pervading the game will make you forget such petty trifles.
So pick your gal, arm your favorite magic accessories (actually I never use these, and have quite a few earrings and lipsticks saved up by now), crank the game speed up to the highest level (insane), and let 'er rip! GF feels a bit different than any other fighter on the system: a good deal faster, but also more forgiving, allowing even hamhanded nitwits like me to pull off ridiculous double-digit combos by thrashing around on the little thumbstick.
If you take your fighting games seriously, I mean if you sit around studying frame counts and fireball strategies and so forth, you probably won't like this game. It will feel a little too loose and spazzy for you. But if you do your best fighting when you're relying simply on enthusiasm, ignorant reflex, and surprise factor, if you can dig a game where the winner might say something like "Nuts! I got all sweaty" or where a schoolgirl's anti-air is shooting a giant word bubble "NO!" into the air above her head, well then my dear, have I got an unabashadly unapostrophied game for you.

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