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Zombie Revenge
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  paleface 02:58:17 12/28/04
Yet another Sega arcade conversion, and this one has the fast, simple action and gloriously stupid dialog of Sega's House of the Dead. But instead of light-gun action you control a character in third-person, and can either punch or shoot your reanimated foes back into oblivion. The other button is a Block button, which I don't seem to use much, and then you can do things with button combos and sequences, like a power punch (takes health), combat roll and whatnot.
You can play the original arcade mode co-op with another player, or do a ludicrous Vs fighting mode, or "Original Mode" which comes in two flavors: shooting and punching (or whatever). These, especially the shooting mode, seem quite a bit easier than "Arcade" version, and I think I almost got all the way through the game on the limited credits it allows you on the first try in shooting mode.
It was kind of fun, too, what with lots of big bosses coming along, and super-cheesy cinematic sequences, and lots of zombies to shoot. Aside from the standard pistol you can get a shotgun (ooh), machinegun, flamethrower (whee!) and big power drill--and maybe other stuff for all I know. You can only hold one weapon at once however.
Shooting zombies is pretty satisfying because they shout a lot and break into gooey pieces. I kept sort of wanting to be able to dodge in hand-to-hand a bit better--the roll is sort of hard to aim, and I don't like block buttons. So I general I used the little sprint function to get more distance, then go back to shooting. Bang bang!
The game has a sort of dark morbid theme, or affects one, at any rate. This is usually torpedoed by the silly dialog and way-over-the-top bosses. Sound and graphics are pretty standard for Sega from the period, which means fairly blocky models but high framerate, fast animation and some nice effects along with rather unsubtle but effective tunes and sounds.
You can probably find this for super cheap and if you like cheesy zombie-bashing, I don't see why you wouldn't pick it up. Arcade mode seems a little too hard to me, especially since you have limited continues, and it's too bad that you can't do co-op in the easier "Original" modes (which are really just remixes with different weapon balance).

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