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Top Spin
  opened by paleface at 04:51:24 03/16/04  
  paleface [sys=XBX; cat=Sports; loc=NA]
Doesn't make me feel nearly as slick and professional as Sega's Tennis games (Tennis 2k2 in entry 378, for instance)--you've really gotta work it here with special controls to activate power shots, various types of spin (don't think I managed to try that even) and so forth.
The default camera angle is way too low--like they were trying to put the player's butt in your face. Fortunately there's a higher one you can switch to. Most puzzling is the absolute lack of music and crowd noise, at least in the "hangar" (Tony Hawk 2 rip-off stage :p) exhibition match. Just silence broken by the sound of ball bouncing and echoing. Weird.
Some of the court designs (the Chinese one particularly) are fabulous. There seems to be a good basis here but the presentation could use a lot more pep. Oh yeah, like for instance between each point you can press the black or white button for "attitude"--where your player gets mad or cheers, depending. Why? All in the dead silence, too--eerie.
I'm really not good at this at all, got walloped by Anna K. even. Eep.

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