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Dream Mix TV World Fighters
  opened by paleface at 03:03:01 03/25/04  
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  paleface [sys=GC; cat=Fighting; loc=JPN]
After a little Vs. I had a feeling that this Smash-Brothers-style compendium of licensed Takara, Hudson, and Konami characters was going to be rather disappointing, and I set it aside for a while in the hopes that it would somehow improve if left to itself for a bit. It didn't.
Sort of fun briefly in multiplayer, and the mechanics at least are straightforward enough for me to grasp, so that's a plus over SB as far as I'm concerned. You punch, throw, or special attack your one to three opponents into oblivion, stealing the hearts they drop to add to your own evil power, and ultimately stealing their departing soul to claim victory. Gruesome, perhaps, but the ugly side is hidden behind layers of caked-on charm and pep.
It's all well and good for a few minutes, I suppose, but I get tired of it quickly. Single-player "Story" mode is a joke as you can smash through it in about ten minutes, including the pathetically feeble "boss," and there's no way to raise the difficulty. Once you've done that enough times to unlock all the characters you could go through "Caravan" mode, in which you run around levels collecting things under a certain time limit (weak), or go do more Vs.
And that's the game. The presentation is pleasingly cute and wacky (dig the violently charming announcer chick with duck megaphone) but you'll be skipping the cinematics after your first play-through and then you find there isn't much left. All but the cheapest strategies go out the window with the simplistic combat and frenetic pace of the action. Strangely they threw in an omni-block button (a force bubble appears around your character), I suppose in an effort to make the Throw attack worthwhile, but it really just interrupts any kind of flow the action might have.
I haven't unlocked everything in single-player but I'm done there, all the characters are essentially just repetitive. I'm tempted to say that I might drag this game out if I had guests over looking for wild and crazy bursts of multiplayer action, but really the GC has so many other, better multiplayer action games that I can't see that happening too often.
  paleface 03:06:25 03/25/04
Download added: micromicroman.jpg (15492 bytes)
  "Normal Microman: that small blue blob upper left. The camera can zoom way out making it hard to see."
Oh, I forgot to mention that the game does not support progressive scan. Weak.
  paleface 03:07:30 03/25/04
Hah, not upper left: upper right. I'm a chucklehead.

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