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Fighting Stick PC
  opened by paleface at 20:52:56 04/19/04  
  last modified by paleface at 23:40:37 06/29/04  
  paleface [sys=PCE; cat=Hardware; loc=JPN]
Hori, it seems, has always made solid sticks. Their PS1 stick made for Namco (grey with yellow buttons) is nearly legendary, and even their recent Soul Calibur II (see entry 328) sticks for GameCube are really solid.
But let's go back even further, to the days of the PC Engine. Not too many PCE games use more than two buttons, not to mention six (in fact I can't think of any off the top of my head besides Street Fighter 2, but I don't even own that one so I'm no authority). But Hori gives you the full six buttons here in a lovely two-row layout just like a SF cab, plus variable Turbo switches for all buttons, as well as a slow motion button (which basically pauses the game over and over--not really that useful, but it's the thought that counts).
The stick, of course, is a shaft of solid steel with fantastically responsive light springs, and the buttons are nice, flat, easily pressed hard plastic. Hori's sticks all have that. The difference with the Fighting Stick PC comes with the casing: solid steel. Look at the rivets! This thing is built like a tank--it quite literally feels like it could stop bullets. I recommend carrying one with you at all times for protection (and the pointy corners can do some pretty good damage in the right hands).
Another plus: the cord comes with at least a foot more cable than the normal PCE pads, yay!
Possible down sides? Well, the casing can rust if neglected--my first one of these babies came with some browning (not the game!) creeping in on the sides. So don't leave them out in the rain. The only other thing I can think of is that the hole for the stick seems to be square, whereas I prefer octagonal or round--but Hori's sticks are all like that as far as I know, and I also know that many people think that's the only real way to do it, so I won't jump on them too much for that.
I suggest getting two of these so you that can hold bloody gladatorial battles to the death with them.
  paleface 23:07:17 06/29/04
Ironically, this stick seems to have problems pulling off sweep-style fighting moves. I can try the same move (a fireball, say) on the stick and on a standard PCE pad, and it always works on the pad but maybe not at all on the stick. Weird.
  paleface 23:40:37 06/29/04
Actually, the problem with sweep moves seems to vary per game. For instance it's mostly okay in Art of Fighting (entry 611) but almost impossible in Fatal Fury Special (entry 613). Super weird.

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