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Choro Q!
  opened by paleface at 19:00:49 08/17/03  
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  paleface [sys=GC; cat=Racing; loc=Japan]
A straightforward "race to earn money to upgrade your car" type of affair with those cute little super-deformed Choro Q cars. Rather disappointing in its relative normalcy as it doesn't have RPG elements like many of the other Choro Qs. Somewhat similar to Gadget Racers in that respect, actually. Main differences here are powerups on the tracks (turbo, oil slick, lead penny, etc), optional weapons (big roof mounted turret gun), and four-player split-screen.
The car handling and physics feels significantly better than most of the previous Choro games, which is to say the cars drive like bars of soap but not total bricks. =P Likewise, graphics and sound have never been the forte of the Choro games and this one isn't much better, but benefits from the more powerful GameCube hardware... somewhat. Really there's only one track that looks about as good as that old Dreamcast toy racer standby, Re-volt, and the ever-present slowdown is pretty darn pronounced on that track. But can you buy a cute little surfboard to stick on top of your cute little super-deformed VW Bug in Re-volt, to go with your pimp custom rims? I didn't think so. So there.
While it retains the trademark Choro cuteness, I can't help but think that this game could have been... more. The main reasons I knuckled down and bought it were the four-player multiplayer and the toy-scale tracks, though only a few of the tracks are actually at toy-scale, the others are more normal sized things and none aside from the snow track are really memorable. One standout however is the four-player battle mode where you have two cars, and two players drive while the other two man the big turret on each car. Very fun for a group. Oh, there's also a linkup mode with the GBA Choro Q game, not sure what that gets you.
  paleface 02:34:22 09/07/03
Doesn't support progressive scan output.
· Gadget Racers (PS2)

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