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Veigues: Tactical Gladiator
  opened by paleface at 03:11:08 05/08/04  
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  paleface [sys=PCE; cat=Shooter_Horiz; loc=JPN]
I won't just come out and say "this game sucks" because I haven't been able to force myself to play it long enough to give a well-educated opinion. All I can really say is that in the first two levels the music sucks, the control sucks, the collision detection sucks, and the enemy design sucks. Nothing seemed to indicate that these would improve in later levels so when I died I didn't bother trying again.
I won't go in to the other aspects much but the control deserves special mention. You glide along in your big robot armor thing without the ability to duck, so anything that comes along below, say, waist level, is almost invulnerable as far as you're concerned. Sure, if you hold both buttons you can direct a feeble little machinegun stream down at whatever little foe happens to be hanging out around your ankles, but meanwhile they'll be nailing you in the shins. The game designers seemed to know that your robot had this weakness, so they decided to throw several hordes of little rat robot things at you in every level. Good thinking, guys.
Lots of times enemies will swoop through the air above you, firing on pre-programmed (or perhaps I should say "programed" as it says on the title screen) routes, so there doesn't seem to be much benefit in jumping. You can try to get tricky and run over to the other side of the screen, then turn around BY PUSHING DOWN, but this is awkward because you have to do the unintuitive and PUSH DOWN every time you want to turn around. It didn't seem worth reprograming my brain to try getting good at this "tactic." And besides, the little rat robots move so quickly that they'll be right on you again in a flash before you've even turned back around.
So I got hit a lot. You can take a lot of hits, unfortunately, but eventually my head blew off (by far the best part of the game that I saw), and then I got to a boss and he blew my arms off, and then hit me some more and it was GAME OVER. Thank goodness. Something about upgrading my suit popped up between levels, but I will just have to leave that mystery unsolved.
  paleface 23:37:46 02/17/19

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