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Choro Q Jet: Rainbow Wings
  opened by paleface at 19:07:14 08/17/03  
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Driving; loc=Japan]
In the early going this seems a little disappointing for a Choro Q game. There's no collecting or upgrading here as far as I can see: you just choose one of the colorful characters (including a total Sakura rip-off, which rocks) and then fly their little super-deformed plane in a series of missions in which you shoot down lots of little airplanes, then the big boss plane/fortress/dragon/whatever.
There's a fair bit of slowdown in areas but the planes are still pretty responsive and shooting down little planes is a joy, as they're pretty generous with the hit detection on your unlimited-ammo Vulcan cannon. You've also got tracking missles and some kind of super cannon thing. Pickups dot the map so it's easy to replenish your missles or health, although health powerups can be scarce in some stages. Throttle is handled in an unusual fashion: you fly at a pretty slow steady pace until you hit the boost button: one push speeds you up for a second, two pushes ignites your turbo rush and you jet across the map. Sorta weird but you get used to it, and pumping the button to get away from a boss barrage is kind of fun. What isn't fun is that you can't shoot at all while boosting, bleh.
The larger flying fortress bosses put me in mind of Sky Gunner, and indeed you've also got left and right roll evade maneuvers that come in just as handy here as they do in Sky Gunner, and cute characters and stars around your plane when you bonk into something, etc. The missions don't last long at all, however, and I have a feeling that the game is rather short. If you're a fanatic you could of course replay the missions with a different character, and go head-to-head in the two player mode (icky small graphics), but thus far the game hasn't been so fun that I see myself sticking around for much longer than it takes to beat it with one character. Nothing but linear missions just doesn't feel right for a Choro Q game.
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