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Twinkle Star Sprites
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  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Shooter_Vert; loc=JPN]
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  "Versus mode, I'm getting hit up with, um, clams. This isn't the best screenshot."
About the spritey-est game you're ever likely to see, and a rather unique one too. Split screen like oh-so-many ball-dropping puzzle games, but instead of blocks dropping, enemies come down the screen as you fly along upwards, vertical-shooter stylee.
Like so many Vs. games the goal is to overwhelm your opponent by dropping too much stuff on their side for them to handle, here you do that both by getting chain combos by shooting creatures rapidly to make them explode and take out their neighbors, as well as by shooting stuff your enemy drops on you, which sends it back at them.
You gotta shoot fast, then, and maybe use a bomb now and then too. Holding down Fire will build up a charge attack, super handy for taking out a clump of enemies all together for a big combo.
Single-player takes you through a simple story pitting your irrepressible sprite (hah! she is, though) and her flying companion against a succession of cute evil-doers, each with different attack styles. There's actually quite a suprising variety here, and you can play as ten or so of them in Vs. mode (though they don't all seem that balanced--darn that Nanja Monja!). Plus, even though the version is Japanese the text is English, and the dialog is some funny stuff.
As a special bonus, the DC version allows you to make a number of tweaks over the original MVS version, including eliminating the arcade slowdown. Yoot! Do so and the sprites cascade mercilessly, bouncing down the gumdroppy sugar backgrounds in wild abandon. It's cuteness overload! And way fun besides.
  paleface 02:01:43 08/09/05
It is worth noting that unlike most of SNK's earlier DC ports, Twinkle Star Sprites does support the VGA adapter.
· Twinkle Star Sprites: La Petite Princesse (PS2)

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