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Motteke Tamago
  opened by paleface at 03:31:44 05/25/04  
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  paleface [sys=PCCD; cat=Puzzle; loc=JPN]
A single-screen action-puzzler along the lines of Bomberman, except that instead of dropping bombs you drop sunny-side-up eggs, and instead of men you control chickens, and instead of blowing up your enemies you try to rescue and hatch eggs.
You would think that throwing down sunny-side-up eggs would sort of run counter to the whole rescuing and hatching eggs thing, but I guess now you know better.
I still have to err "research" the game a good deal more (and hey, Naxat Soft also brought it to the PlayStation later, huh) but it supports up to four player madness, and I've tried two-player, and it was pretty mad. I think partly you try to cut off the rescued eggs following your opponents by dropping sunny-side-up eggs in their way, on the other hand you can break through those eggs and also steamroll your opponent (freeing their rescued eggs) by holding down the fire button to build up a charge attack that has you, well, charge across the screen like a big angry chicken.
After a match you get tons of points in different categories that I don't fully understand, and crazy stuff happens during matches like giant smiley faces coming out and laying down walls of omelettes. And man, those ducks get mad.
  paleface 02:24:37 06/29/04
In single player you simply pick from zero to three opponents, then try to come out on top in points on each of the thirty stages. Well okay if you're just playing by yourself with no AI opponents you can't really lose, so that doesn't count.
The main strategy, of course, is to round up the eggs that catapult in the the level before the other hens do. Once collected the eggs bob along behind you, and hatch as a result of travelling with you--if you stand still, they won't be a-hatchin'. Once hatched the chick has to find their way back to your base. There's a limited number of chicks per stage, when they've all been hatched the stage ends and scores are tallied.
Now a lot of the scoring eludes my understanding. Having more chicks is good, and different colored chicks are worth different amounts of points--the rare black chicks are with the most, much more than those common white chicks. But there are also various bonuses and penalties for things I don't understand.
The main counter to someone collecting a lot of chicks is to knock their eggs away with your charge attack. But you can counter this counter with your own charge attack: when two charged hens meet, a furious dust-cloud brawl ensues, and I don't know if banging on the joystick while it happens helps, but it sure makes me feel better. Whoever wins the brawl gets the contested eggs--for the moment. Trying to keep a large brood of eggs safe until hatching is no easy task with four jealous hens about.
Not to mention the various random events. A big egg-thing can come down and lay block omelettes trap chicks. Mean black chicks can appear and scatter everyone's eggs to the winds. Powerups can give hens the ability to light you on fire, toasting all your eggs. It's a violent world in hen-land, man.
While some strategy is involved, then, the game also relies a lot on luck. This makes for frenetic multiplayer but perhaps somewhat frustrating single-player.
  paleface 22:02:22 08/25/04
Speaking of the frenetic multiplayer, I have now made several sets of friends play this with me, and I can't say I've managed to make any of them like it much. Part of the problem, I think, is that there is a lot of stuff going on at once in multiplayer, much of it random--such as giant crazy eggs that appear, hatch, and start wreaking havoc everywhere. Not only that, if one of the three other players hits you with their charge, ALL of the eggs that you're towing shoot off around the level, and you're left in a dazed, useless state for several seconds while everyone else snatches them up. This can be frustrating. And finally, what with the bizarre scoring (which might make more sense if we could read Japanese), it is difficult to tell what exactly makes for winning gameplay. So I think I will stick with trying to play this single-player for the time being.
  paleface 12:41:35 06/02/19

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