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Niko Niko Pun
  opened by paleface at 23:33:33 05/31/04  
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  paleface [sys=PCE; cat=Platformer; loc=JPN]
I single-credited this on my first try.
Of course, it is pretty much impossible *not* to single-credit this, since you don't take damage from hitting monsters or falling in things or anything like that, and since you can waltz through it in about twenty minutes, and since it doesn't even have credits.
It's kind of existential in that sense, really. Three animal friends set sail one day and come to an island. On the island they find a baby dragon. He's hungry! So they take turns (actually you can pick your favorite of the three) going through various simple stages, using their jumping ability to collect three fruits of a certain kind for the dragon's current stage of development. And the end of the stage they feed the fruit to the dragon, and he grows. Then some flowers dance for you. Simple! And what happens once the dragon has grown up and tows your boat into the sunset for you? You find another, identical island, and feed another, identical dragon! This game could probably go on forever in cycles. Like the UNIVERSE.
Each stage has two or three little doors, if you enter a door you get a picture of a cute little animal character. Some of them come in sliding tile form, so you get a little puzzle to put the picture together. All the characters are simple, cute, and happy, and the stages way too colorful. I think it was one or maybe two hopelessly sugary tunes playing throughout, enough to drive a man mad.
Niko Niko Pun, then, challenges our very idea of what a game is. Does it need to have an ending? Does it need the threat of failure? Does it need more than one music track, or more than one button? The answer, according to NNP, is a resounding "HELL NO!" You get your fruit, you play the picture puzzles, you feed the dragon, you live.
  paleface 20:36:28 03/10/19

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