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Combat Choro Q
  opened by paleface at 23:59:41 08/17/03  
  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Driving; loc=JPN]
Charming vehicle battle game with bouncy super-deformed tanks blasting it out across a fictitious world. The lively music jumps right out at you with happy, buoyant tunes that keep the game from feeling like any sort of straight-laced simulator. The little tanks have personality and careen about with gusto--well, after they've been upgraded a bit, that is, with money earned on campaign missions or in the battle arena.
Avoiding the conversation-heavy style of some of the other Choro games, CCQ throws you into mission after mission where a quick trigger finger and coordination with turret and treads together will see you through more than careful strategy, at least here in the early going. I wish the tank you started with had a bit more horsepower but they've got to compel you to earn money, eh? Very nice little CG movies to show off the cute little tanks, and blocky yet sprightly graphics with relatively short draw-distance but a steady framerate, plus the excellent music, make this one of the classiest productions in the Choro series.
It seems like there's a gallery of tanks to strive for (gotta shoot 'em all!) and I'd like to try out the four-player arena battles. The campaign seems like it might go by pretty quickly, then again they could up the difficulty later on and force you to spend a good bit of time working for the top upgrades. The Kanji-heavy menus don't immediately endear themselves to the Western heart but I haven't found anything yet that one couldn't figure out with the application of a little common sense and a handy katakana chart. Peppy.
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