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Saturn Bomberman
  opened by paleface at 02:16:32 06/15/04  
  paleface [sys=SS; cat=Party; loc=NA]
Jeebus, I'm not sure how to categorize it. On the one hand, I put Bomberman Generation (entry 27) down as a "Platformer," 'cause was playing a lot of the single-player mode that's pretty close to straight 3D platforming. Does this have a single-player platformy mode? I don't even know, because I've only played it multiplayer, and just once. But that was certainly not platformish, it was more action puzzley--but everyone calls this "the perfect party game," so maybe I'll just leave it at that for now. And it kind of fits too in the sense that all the Bomberman games I've played have been pretty dull single-player, in the overhead maze mode anyway.
But that's beside the point since as mentioned I've only played this multiplayer. It was only four people, not ten or whatever, but for what it's worth we did try the high-res "wide" screen mode where all the characters are super tiny and the maze is really big and ugly. And it was boring as hell, because it came down to me and another guy trading passes with strings of super bombs for about five minutes (he goes, I wait behind cover, boom, I go, he waits behind cover, boom, etc). Bomberman has this real inherent problem where for a good chunk of the time you're standing still waiting for someone's bomb to go off around the corner, and another in that you can't really just nail someone with a perfect shot (unless you trap them) since there's always fuse delay before the bomb blows up. Sure you can try to chain things so that a bomb goes off and detonates your new bomb right after you drop it, but at that point the other dude still has at least as much time to get away as you do.
Oh well enough ranting. As far as Bomberman multiplayer goes, I can't think of why this isn't the best one, since you can have so many players and the sprites are so cute and there isn't much slowdown or anything, oh and there are lots of different powerups, and different stages with different environmental effects (like the bouncy ground stage). Oh and I kind of like the music.
Perfect party game? Well no, not with four people. It just isn't all that fun. But I won't pronounce final judgement until I play it with ten people, which will probably be never.

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