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Mr. Heli's Big Adventure
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  paleface [sys=PCCD; cat=Shooter_4way; loc=JPN]
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  "Mr. Heli bears some similarities to Fantasy Zone."
The romanized version of the Japanese title is something like "Mr. Heli No Daibouken," and as usual I have offered up my no doubt erroneous but certainly entertaining translation.
Mr. Heli is, of course, a cute little helicopter, and he flies up, down, left and right in search of valuable crystals, which he mines by blowing up the brittle rocks in which they grow. Like any other good helicopter, Mr. Heli spends his loot on bigger and better weapons, which he buys from one-shot shops also unearthed from the rocks. It is strange that these shops are in rocks but they give Mr. Heli big missiles and lasers!
And he needs them because there are lots of bad dudes to blow up, not to mention volcanos to plug and rockfalls to shatter. Mr. Heli has a tough time sometimes because he can only shoot left-right with lasers and up with missiles--he can't shoot down, so he has to be careful. However, if he lands and walks around on his cute little legs, Fantasy Zone style (see entry 348), he can drop bombs to blow up rocks at his feed instead of shooting missiles. This has the drawback of leaving him vulnerable from above, so he has to be careful when landed, too. Mr. Heli is super-deformed and kind of fat, so he takes a lot of hits, but he has a big life meter to make up for it.
You can't really go wrong with the cute and bright sounds and graphics, but don't forget to keep shooting all the time. Don't let up! You may want to switch on auto-fire, although I didn't because it is for wimps.
We all wish we could have a friend as cool as Mr. Heli!
  paleface 01:48:43 06/21/04
Oops, I thought I'd worked it in but I hadn't: Mr. Heli was made by Irem, of R-Type (see entry 240) fame.
  paleface 18:25:20 05/18/19
· Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol.3: Fantasy Zone (PS2)

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