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Ys Book I & II
  opened by paleface at 22:28:47 06/26/04  
  last modified by paleface at 01:26:09 05/29/19  
  paleface [sys=PCCD; cat=Role_Playing; loc=NA]
Epic action RPG with awesome music and nicely streamlined combat: to attack someone, just run over them, and let the stats to the rest. You automatically pick up any money the foe drops, and levelling up happens all on its own with no interruption as you move. You also move really darn fast, so that it's a joy to travel around.
The graphics have a distinct 8+8 bit look to them: not fat and super-colorful like the classic 16 bit SNES RPGs, but faster and more colorful than 8-bit RPGs. And the CD music beats beats everything.
"Ys" is pronounced like it rhymes with "geese," by the way--you hear it in the opening intro. I'd been wondering...
Haven't got too far in this yet, obviously, but I'd like to give it the time it deserves some day.
  paleface 01:26:09 05/29/19
I may be missing something here, but it sure seems like the first "quest" you get is a lie: this woman waylays you as soon as you're off the boat into town, takes you to her place, claims to know the future and that you're the chosen one, oh but first you gotta go to the shop down the block and buy a sword, shield, and armor. Obviously a scam but there's nothing else to do (nice monopoly they have going), so I grind a bit, get enough money, buy the stuff, go talk to her--and she just repeats that I have to buy the three things.

What, am I supposed to grind for the more *expensive* gear? Seems iffy. The only other thing is to go check out some rumor in the next town, but there's a dog blocking the path who kills me, even after more time spent grinding to level up.
Less keen on this game now. : P Also, just ramming against things for "combat" is actually pretty awful.

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