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Metal Stoker
  opened by paleface at 22:23:08 06/28/04  
  last modified by paleface at 03:42:10 07/03/04  
  paleface [sys=PCE; cat=Shooter_4way; loc=JPN]
Neat top-down shooter in which your little turn-on-a-dime tank squeaks through futuristic Tron-like worlds of tight mazes with enemies who come at you from all directions. The worlds tend to divide up in to screen-sized battle arenas: clear all the enemies and turrets from the room and you can proceed to the next.
The meat of the action works quite well: button II fires, button I toggles turret lock. So you can do stuff like lock your turret to the right, then dash up an alley while facing sideways, nailing a guy on the side as soon as you go past the corner. Since enemies come from all sides, and tend to like lurking just around corners, you'll have plenty of opportunity to practice this type of maneuver.
The sound and graphics both have a clean but detailed futuristic look about them, and the game skims along without flicker or slowdown problems. You can collect and switch between weapon systems for your tank, and as the levels progress newer challenges keep opening up.

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