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  opened by paleface at 19:14:26 06/29/04  
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  paleface [sys=PCE; cat=Platformer; loc=JPN]
Odd, very odd platform game by Namcot, based I guess on some kind of anime character.
The main character (Obocchama-kun, I presume?) can shoot a short projectile attack, and jump and run, in his quest to uh get through levels or get points or whatever, but his most fearsome power comes in the form of transformations. Some he can do just with the default controls: hold attack button to turn into an old man with cane (moves slow), down to turn into a dog (runs fast), up to pose (??), up on a blue mound to sing karaoke and transform nearby items into super items, attack (hold) plus jump to turn in to a big pink bum and jump really high.
Now, those super items lead to more transformations--each has some sort of magical effect, such as giving the character bat wings (can fly), bringing in a buff guy to take hits for you, bringing in a helicopter to shoot things for you, making your projectile attack shoot farther, etc.
It's all very weird. You're fighting poor little animals, how can they take it? I haven't found a boss yet, but I haven't got very far (hey, there are a lot of enemies, and they're fast :p).
  paleface 19:01:07 06/13/19

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