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Bomber Man '94
  opened by paleface at 02:47:14 06/30/04  
  last modified by paleface at 16:41:39 02/04/23  
  paleface [sys=PCE; cat=Puzzle; loc=JPN]
Last in a long series of Bomber Man games on the PCE. Has tons of cute sprite animations and more features, like dingos you can ride and collecting coins cashed from unexploded stuff at the end of a stage, and taking out force field generators, and all kinds of different fancy AI creatures and obstacles like suspension bridges, which are sorta neat, but it doesn't have the simple pure destructive charm that the first BM did (see entry 571). I don't know, maybe I'll get into it someday but I will definitely play through the original's single-player mode first.
Supports five-player multiplayer, of course, but doesn't have any really new modes or anything like that. You can pick from some comical body types when setting up your character.
  paleface 01:31:12 02/11/19
  paleface 01:48:48 02/11/19
Coming back to these games now, my impression of them is opposite: the original B-Man feels fiddly, while '94 is just gravy-cakes. But I'll have to put a little more time into the first one I suppose, for fairness' sake. But the point is, '94 is fabulous, at least in single-player (haven't really ever played a Bomber Man properly in multiplayer).
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