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Darius Gaiden
  opened by paleface at 00:30:57 08/18/03  
  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Shooter_Horiz; loc=JPN]
Very nifty 2d/3d tricks enliven the backgrounds in this horizontal sprite-based amphibious shooter, sometimes at the expense of being able to see what's going on. The scaling and warping effects are nice to look at but I would have traded them in for performance as the game just plain chugs along most of the time.
It's fortunate then that the controls won't distract, as they stick with the good old two-button shoot/bomb approach. As in G Darius the massive boss fights last quite a while, which isn't really a bad thing, and after you finish a stage you pick a fork in the path for the next stage, so when you play again you can go through an entirely different sequence of levels.
With the combination of the truculent framerate and some curiously muffled sound effects you almost start to get the sensation this game was made underwater--perhaps the developers are agents of the giant fish boss "Prickly Angler."
The music, on the other hand, is varied and gorgeous.
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