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  opened by paleface at 02:42:34 07/20/04  
  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Shooter_4way; loc=NA]
Sorta like an Asteroids RPG where you fly through soup-green space and at least one planet (I haven't played very far yet, okay?) talking to other ships, upgrading your ship and blowing up evil space aliens along a slightly tilted 2D plane.
The whole graphic style is kinda tilted, really, with space having this sort of murky quality, and ships warping and distorting as they come at you in a really curious effect. Sound could be better, and in fact the shield sound is downright headache-inducing.
I hadn't realized before that the game has co-op--looks like four players can play together, although I've only played two at once. Seeing as how the game likes to throw endless waves of attackers at you from all directions (well, along the plane) until you kill the mission boss, four players could get pretty darn crazy. It's all on the same screen, not split, so you have to move together.
I'm not really comfortable with the controls, and by that I really mean that I'm pretty sure they're kind of sucky, but I'm hedging my bet in case I'm missing something. But having to press in the screen direction in which you want to move before pressing the Thrust button (normal or turbo thrust, which is time-limited) feels disjointed and unintuitive. It seems like Asteroid-style turny control would have worked better.
So you talk to some people on the planet, get the little story on who you have to go blow up, warp in to space, get mobbed by endless waves of enemies, swim over to the boss and blow him up--in theory, and that's just the first mission. Sound, graphics and control make this something of a pain, and as if that weren't enough, the game is pretty challenging, too (it's quite unclear to me when I get hurt and how many more hits I can take--am I just a n00b?). I've heard people speak highly of it, you know those kind of obsessive people who like underdog games and will play an obscure game until the media disintegrates in their hands, so perhaps story and other RPG-style fun kicks in at some point.

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