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  opened by paleface at 01:53:53 08/11/04  
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  paleface [sys=GBA; cat=Shooter_Horiz; loc=NA]
Unfortunately this isn't a very good game. It seems good at first, what with pretty big ship sprites, a fast, attractive background with multiple planes of parallax, big weapons and pretty nice music, but it's straight downhill from there.
Well, at least up to level three, which is as far as I've got so far. By then you're out of the nice parallax cloud area and down in what appears to be a giant sewer, in which giant pink and badly-animated snakes fly at you, and walls suddenly block the passage in front of you, leaving you no choice but to ram straight through them, losing a quarter of your life bar. FUN.
Most painfully, after throwing all kinds of weapon powerups at you in the first level, the game suddenly stops handing them out almost altogether, and if you're like me and keep hitting the "super bomb" button out of curiosity, you'll destroy your weapon and be left with the default peashooter pretty much forever--or at least for as long as you can stand to keep playing.
Oh yeah and there's level two, the underwater level, in which you have to keep pressing forward against a current the whole time, and in which the transparent water effect obscures the already quite miniscule and hard-to-see bullets. Also, the enemies are generic and lame-looking; heck, the bosses are downright stupid and ugly-looking.
So, fool me for being suckered in by the nice first level. Oh, and supposedly this is a port of a Super Nintendo game or something.

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