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Road Trip: Shifting Gears
  opened by paleface at 03:02:20 08/11/04  
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  paleface [sys=GBA; cat=Driving; loc=NA]
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  "The GBA Choro game looks better than some of the PS1 versions."
Darn fun little racing game with a ton of ways to pimp out your adorable penny racer. Seems to have an almost limitless number of tracks, upgrades and gameplay variants, such as drag races, off-road races, battles (Mario Kart-ishly), stunt events for instance one like Monkey Target in Super Monkey Ball (see entry 276) and, well, more.
The graphics actually look more pleasant than, say, some of the Choro (Road Trip is one of the many Americanized names of the Choro series) games on PS1 (see entry 51 for instance). I didn't expect the tracks to have hills, but they do, and lots of different surface types (puddles, mud pits, etc) to go along with them. Oh, and neat little details like animated cows along the side of the track on a country farm course.
The AI seems to be incredibly dumb, but the point here is to race and race your little heart out until you earn enough money to get the upgrade that makes you go fast enough to beat the AI--pretty much that simple, but it shovels so many tracks and upgrades at you that you can't stop playing.
As far as Choro games go, this is one of my very favorite so far, I'm liking it much more than I thought I would.
  paleface 03:29:00 08/11/04
Now that I think of it, the cars in the game handle a lot nicer than the cars in most of the other Choro games I've played--very satisfying response, and you can really tell the difference in performance with different upgrades.
· Choro Q Wonderful! (PS1)

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