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Duke Nukem Advance
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  "Torus Games made both Doom II and Duke Nukem Advance on GBA."
Torus Games, makers of the GBA version of Doom II (see entry 638), arrive for another fine FPS port, this time of Duke Nukem. Although their engine isn't the fastest around, it provides some decent visuals on the small screen, and here they make good use of dynamic lighting in particular to recapture that old Build engine look of the original PC Duke.
The game really is a trip down memory lane for those of us with cherished memories of that first Duke game, the game that showed us that PC games can be really badass. While they don't seem to have recorded much if any new dialogue for Duke, his "damn" goes a long way, and comes in handy here while he's blowing away pig grunts, grey aliens (a new adversary, with a nice twist), or whatever. I'm not sure how many of the original weapons have come through--I'm on the third stage and so far have the boot (woot), the pistol, the shotgun (bad sound effect for it though) and the RPG.
New Duke one-liners, sometimes slightly lame, come along in little non-narrated radio dialogues with his controller, some kind of army general person. They use the same interface to recreate the video cameras found in the first game, complete with screen static, another very nice touch.
This game is Duke, immature toilet humor and explosive action and all. While it isn't exactly advancing gaming to new plateaus, it provides a good strong hit for those who've been pining for more real Duke after all these years.
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