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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Shooter_Vert; loc=JPN]
Second in the series of tate vertical shooters with a bee theme, DoDonPachi is a miracle of software engineering on the PS1 with screen-filling enemy hordes, bullet patterns and pulsing laser beams that never seem to slow down, all set to a pounding metal guitar. As in the first you can go for kill chains and now you have a handy graphical meter to show your time remaining to make the next link.
The only thing I don't like here is that to switch ship types, and there are three ships now, you have to do it in the options menu rather than in some sort of ship select screen when you start a new game--an odd interface set-up. Other than that this game absolutely rules and has never been surpassed in 2D graphics on the PS1. In fact I've played the arcade version and that one has more slowdown than this one, which scarcely has any.
  paleface 12:43:28 01/14/19
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