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Charlie Ninja
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Challenging side-scrolling platformer from Mitchell in which the titular cartoon ninja double-jumps and shurikens through lively stages thick with wacky badguys, including an Old West stage, a Football stage, a bizarre homoerotic slum stage, a Vietnam stage, and so forth.
Charlie makes the most of various projectiles he finds on his journey, my favorite being the homing sai that go right to the enemy even if they're above of below Charlie. Most enemies aside from bosses go down pretty quick, but the game throws them at you thick and fast, and from all directions, so you've really got to stay on your toes.
Charlie has a trick that's supposed to help you survive this: press Jump and Attack simultaneously and he vanishes for a few seconds with a slick ninja trick. He can't be hit during this time, but he also can't move. In theory you can use this to dodge enemy projectiles, but generally it's easier just to jump out of the way. You'd want to use it against bosses but they have this nasty habit of landing right on you and waiting until you come out of hiding. Still, used judiciously, it can be a lifesaver.
Mitchell got some great, vivacious sprite animation in this game, and the action feels very sharp and quick, and many of the enemies are a hoot. The last two stages are a bit of a let-down though, as the football stage is mostly ugly and frustrating due to low-flying footballs thrown by offscreen quarterbacks, and the last factory stage is just overly trap-laden and generic.
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