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  opened by paleface at 05:08:39 11/14/04  
  paleface [sys=PBL; cat=Pinball; loc=NA]
Sweet old electro-mechanical Bally table, I love the old ding and ka-ching sounds these things make. Nice mostly symmetrical layout and things you don't find in tables from recent decades, such as buttons and small posts that raise and lower a large post in between the two flippers.
This isn't a solid-state table and doesn't have missions and suchlike, but the scoring is quite satisfying nonetheless. The main thing you try to do is get "miles" by hitting certain targets and posts, then convert them into points by landing the ball in the bonus trap on the lower right side. The default Replay is rather low (26000 points or so) so it isn't hard at all to get a free game.
Secondarily, you want to hit the letter targets to spell "EXPRESSWAY." You have to do them in order, starting with E, although there is a special target that always tags the next letter automatically. Once you have EXPRESS you can hit a "Special" trap for a Replay, and once you have EXPRESSWAY, you get a free Replay automatically. I'm not really good at spelling the word out yet.
The layout doesn't have ramps but packs some nice shots up the sides of the table, going around the pop bumpers. You can even do shots through the toggle posts, or shots that cross to one side, bounce off a button, and then go over to the other side. Very good stuff.
· Hokus Pokus (PBL)

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