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  opened by paleface at 03:42:42 11/22/04  
  paleface [sys=PBL; cat=Pinball; loc=NA]
Rather unusual (in my limited experience) early-70's table from Bally. Unusual features include launching the ball from the middle hole using the right flipper button, two pressure-sensitive scoring things in the lower playfield, four bottom flippers, and two separate scores: normal points and football points.
Many of the switches, particularly in the heavily-chuted upper section of the table, give you some "yardage," and you can watch your "ball carrier" light advance down the field in the center of the main playfield. Earn 100 yards and it's a touchdown, baby! A certain number of football points gets you a free replay, as does a certain number of regular points. The machine also goes nuts with bells and things when you score a "touchdown," which makes it a pretty fun thing.
On the other hand, the four bottom flippers (two nearly overlapping on either side) mean that you can't trap the ball as you can on a regular table, and that the uppermost flippers can get in the way of the lower ones. Also, at least on the table I played, the flippers were somewhat weak, and it was very difficult to get the ball all the way up to the top of the board to collect the big yardage scores. Since there isn't much to hit at the bottom of the table (the table is divided mid-length by a narrowing, pinched layout, of which I'm not too fond), this can leave you hitting very little for multiple shots on end. The pressure switches were also impossible to get in all the way, so I suppose these flippers were definitely in need of a tune-up.

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