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Raiden Fighters
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  "Raiden Fighters was followed by Raiden Fighters Jet."
Nice vertical shooter with some similaries to the older Raidens (see Raiden DX, entry 214, for instance) but less annoying in the powerups as they only toggle between two things, missile and laser. Hold down the fire button for a big charge shot and of course you have a number of big bombs for those times where you're not good enough to dodge all the nasty little bullets coming at you. Like the other Raiden games, this one doesn't throw that many bullets at once, but some of them come in really fast.
Oh, and the Fighters series differed from the earlier Raiden games in that you get to choose from a number of different aircraft (eight in this one, I think), each of which has different abilities in terms of speed, firepower, and maybe something else I'm forgetting right now. You can also get little wingmen powerups, Gradius-style "options" (see entry 104) basically, which are very handy for taking hits for you.
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