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ESP Ra. De.
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  "ESP Ra. De. has a powerful timed shot, like Mars Matrix."
Cave's first "people" shooter, that is, you control one of three psychic children out to save your teacher from the mob, or something. Anyway you shoot a lot of people and ships and robots with big psychic blasts of different kinds: the first is a forward fire thing, the second a stronger blast with a recharge timer, something like the piercing cannon from Mars Matrix (see entry 164) in terms of how you have to time the shots with the thing, and the third is a bomb of sorts: you can tap to get a power burst out of it that will also take out some enemy bullets, or you can hold for um a bigger effect, but one that drains more bomb juice.
The "psychic children" theme is pretty ingenious, and the character sprites quite varied and creative. I also really like the backgrounds, mostly futuristic city environments, but they're somehow more vivid and colorful than most other shooters, especially Cave's more recent efforts which tend to wash the background out a bit, presumably to make it easier to pick out the characters.
Bullets fly thick and fast, this being a Cave shooter, and you will indeed find the dreaded slowdown lurking around, and a bit moreso than in most of Cave's shooters. Heck, at times the UI (bomb meter, score, etc) flickers out of view when there's too much going on at once. Still, generally with bullet swarms this thick, you won't get too mad if time slows down a bit as they bullet clouds close in.
What the heck does the title mean?
Cave would later produce a sequel or prequel or whatever, ESPGaluda (see entry 550).
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