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Metropolis Street Racer
  opened by paleface at 02:17:36 03/08/05  
  last modified by paleface at 02:19:07 03/08/05  
  paleface [sys=DC; cat=Driving; loc=NA]
Man this is a smooth driving game. I haven't got very far through it, both because it is mammoth (I think I read once that there are about 200 track variants, all told) and because the sensation of cruising through midnight San Francisco, electronic tunes blasting on the car radio, pulling awesome drift turns on all the corners, racing against my ghost car for lap after lap, is just too addictive, and I just do that all night instead of trying to advance in the game.
But some day I should.
Graphically and sonically, the game is still a stunner. Seriously. Just great. The control is very nice on my little wheel, too. It's just, like, wow. Bizarre Creations knows how to make a pleasing drive.
Much has been made of the "kudos" system, which rewards you for laying down rubber during races while avoiding crashes, basically, and how easy it is to milk the system. I don't really care about that too much, although I do like getting extra points for drift-style cornering.
  paleface 02:19:07 03/08/05
Oh, did I mention that they're city tracks? Yeah. Like San Fran, London, Tokyo, and some other places. I love city racing. Screw those long boring country circuits; gimme towering buildings, hairpin turns, narrow streets and bridges any day.
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